2017 SA1 results

For the past week, I am quite upset over my students’ results. šŸ™ I was even wondering should i write this post. Oh well, life always has its ups and downs and there is always something to learn from the failures. I always tell my students that failures are launching pads to greater success. But Read more about 2017 SA1 results[…]

Yeah! Just receive another good news from one of my student on her CA results!

Student name: Noor Arifah Level: Secondary 2 School: Riverside Secondary School                                     Ifah is a quiet and gentle girl. She always finish whatever homework i gave. * Wise girl * if not having tuition is just getting another Read more about Yeah! Just receive another good news from one of my student on her CA results![…]

Balancing chemical equations

The above chemical equation took meĀ quite aĀ while to balance. šŸ™‚ Balancing of equations is crucial because it will affect the calculations of mole, mass of reactants and volume of gas which is another chapter altogether. Attention all hannahtuitionĀ Science students, please balance the following chemical equations after receiving my mobile msg.Ā  You may either write on Read more about Balancing chemical equations[…]

Raising fluent communicators.

Although academic grades are important, they should notĀ  be the sole ā€œfieldā€ to sow our seeds in. Successful people are those who have confidence and self-belief to pursueĀ  their dreams and determination to overcome harsh moments. When I am in NTU, I still remembered distinctly that it has always been the foreigners (especially the caucasians)Ā  Read more about Raising fluent communicators.[…]

Some of my students…

I have asked some of my students to share with meĀ a picture of themselves as i want to write something on them and also to build my students database. This shall beĀ a database for me to monitor my tuition journey. Hopefully it will likeĀ a chest of success stories and photos to remember the characters’ faces. Read more about Some of my students…[…]

Moments that keep me going on

After being used to acting cool and matured during my teenage years, I had kind of forgotten what it is like to be child-like. To dance walking down the stairs, play with bubbles when i feel like it, imagining funny movements i can do when i am bored. All forgotten until I started full-time tutoring Read more about Moments that keep me going on[…]