Primary 4 Science Keywords ( Heat, Light, Matter)

Just finished marking some Science worksheets and realise some of my students are not able to get the Science question correct because of their ridiculous spelling of the keywords that marks will be awarded to.  🙁 Decided to draw up a spelling list for them.  Hee.   Parents of hannahtuition P4 Science (* you should have receive Read more about Primary 4 Science Keywords ( Heat, Light, Matter)[…]

Science: Light & Colour

Some of my students are learning this chapter in school. So decided to do some notes for them. Well… but nothing is free! hee hee. Ifah, Jas T, Jessie: Please find time to read through and digest the notes. There will be a short quiz on this topic this week. 🙂 Light · Denser Medium. Light Read more about Science: Light & Colour[…]