What is your purpose in life?

Recently, i have been pondering over this question. As we lived in a fast-paced society and one very much infused by social media, i began to wonder. To accumulate wealth or experience, flash them to the world, grow old then to die? God put some desires in my heart lately. I want to write articles Read more about What is your purpose in life?[…]

P5 Ratio Fractions Problem Sums

Did a short worksheet on Maths problem sums for my P5 students! Many of them did well in their MCQs and short questions. Problem sums seems to be the common obstacle. Here is a short worksheets to kick start their June holidays Revision!

P5 Science Cycles quiz ( Hereditary and Reproduction)

Put up this quiz for my P5 students this week. All except one girl failed this quiz. 🙁 That girl is a fast learner but she does not read her questions properly. I pray that her bad reading and answering habits will change.