Algebra P6 Maths

Starting my 2014 first post with P6 Algebra! ­čÖé Wow! December went by so fast! I went to Turkey, Jordan and Israel. 2013 had been a awesome year for me and my husband. To end the awesome year, we experienced snow ( falling on us) in Jerusalem. It was so beautiful and it was rare Read more about Algebra P6 Maths[…]

P5 Ratio Fractions Problem Sums

Did a short worksheet on Maths problem sums for my P5 students! Many of them did well in their MCQs and short questions. Problem sums seems to be the common obstacle. Here is a short worksheets to kick start their June holidays Revision!

Primary 4 Mathematics ( Time, perpendicular & parallel lines ) problem sums

This week exercises are a little different. Its a combination of short questions and problem sums on 2 topics ( Time and perpendicular & parallel lines) End of year exams coming! Excited!

Primary 4 Mathematics Daily Exercises ( Fractions)

This week is a little special. There is no GOLD exercises. I replaced it with 2 SILVER exercises instead. Some parents and students might already know this. I spoke to some parents after tuition on this┬ádecision last week. I decided to drop the GOLD exercises as i want to build up the students’ foundation first. Read more about Primary 4 Mathematics Daily Exercises ( Fractions)[…]