Stress management for Kiasu Parents :)

Some parents are afraid that the child will lose out to their peers if they do not prepare their kids well enough. It all come from a good intention to give the best to their children but I realise most kiasu parents get stressed when kids do not perform as per expectations especially after attending Read more about Stress management for Kiasu Parents 🙂[…]

Breathe, eat, sleep computer games! Gosh!

Many of the children now ( especially boys) are sort-of glued to computer games. They can be still and spend hours in front of the PC. Some of my students told me they will set their alarm clock to wake them up early during their school holidays to play games. I’m impressed. Hehe. After speaking Read more about Breathe, eat, sleep computer games! Gosh![…]

Raising fluent communicators.

Although academic grades are important, they should not  be the sole “field” to sow our seeds in. Successful people are those who have confidence and self-belief to pursue  their dreams and determination to overcome harsh moments. When I am in NTU, I still remembered distinctly that it has always been the foreigners (especially the caucasians)  Read more about Raising fluent communicators.[…]

Moments that keep me going on

After being used to acting cool and matured during my teenage years, I had kind of forgotten what it is like to be child-like. To dance walking down the stairs, play with bubbles when i feel like it, imagining funny movements i can do when i am bored. All forgotten until I started full-time tutoring Read more about Moments that keep me going on[…]

Discipline Not Abuse

I thought this is a nice short clip on disciplining children. I want to share some useful discipline methodology which I have learned from Sunday school (My husband shared these tips with me). I find them particularly useful with my own students. 🙂 – Maintain eye contact when you are talking to the kids. This Read more about Discipline Not Abuse[…]