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  1. Lower Sec Biology Quiz ( Cells, Diffusion, Osmosis, Nutrients)

    March 6, 2013 by hannahtuition

    Lower Sec (Cells, Microscopy, Movement of substance & Nutrients) Biology Quiz

    This quiz is especially done for my CHIJ St Nicholas Sec 1 girls.

    Please complete this quiz in 25 mins. Remember to click on "Get Results", Key in your name and "submit" after answering all the questions to see what Mrs Hannah Chew has to say about your score. The time taken to complete each quiz will be captured and emailed to me. Hence, please do not bother to check the internet or books for answers! :)
    You may attempt the quiz several times. Ready? Take a deep breathe, Go!
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  2. Diffusion and Osmosis for Lower Secondary Science

    February 25, 2013 by hannahtuition

    2 of my sec 1 st nicholas secondary girls are studying diffusion and osmosis.

    They have just finished their science common test. Hope that they can do well ! :)

    Went through this diffusion and osmosis worsksheet with them last saturday. I believe it was a great practice.

    Lower Sec Diffusion&Osmosis questions_Page_1 Lower Sec Diffusion&Osmosis questions_Page_2 Lower Sec Diffusion&Osmosis questions_Page_3 Lower Sec Diffusion&Osmosis questions_Page_4