Sec 1 Biology Ecology

My CHIJ girl and one boy from Chung Cheng High (Main) are starting on this topic. The worksheet below basically cover only the basics! Another biology topic means another topic where our “commit to memory” power comes into action!!! My beloved Sec Ones students, please understand I am not advocating “memorising is everything to good Read more about Sec 1 Biology Ecology[…]

Lower Sec Bio Quiz ( Digestion, Nutrition, Enzymes) Basic understanding

Hi all, This quiz is specifically written for my CHIJ ST Nic girls, my Nanchiau and River Valley boys. There is 21 questions in this quiz. Students have to complete the quiz in 21 minutes. I will sms you and/or your parent if you need to retake the quiz. Ready? Lets go!   [WATUPRO 1]

Lower Sec Science (Biology) Cells

It has been a busy week for me. Busy with tuition and Chinese New Year preparations. A few of my Sec 1 students are studying Biology this semester. Came up with a worksheet on Cells. ( Students! Here are some common keypoints to note). 🙂