Sec 2 Algebra Quiz ( Top Scorer: Jasmine Toh , Sengkang Secondary School)

Top Scorer: Jasmine Toh (Sengkang Secondary School) Jasmine scored 20 out of 25 which is a pretty 80%. I have 7 Secondary 2 students (both NA and Express). I gave them the same paper and I am proud to see that a few of my NA students did very well. 😀 I think it shows that Read more about Sec 2 Algebra Quiz ( Top Scorer: Jasmine Toh , Sengkang Secondary School)[…]

My 2 Js in Sengkang! Good CA2 results!

Jessie joined tuition group with Jasmine in July2012. I am proud to present their CA2 results for Maths and Science. – Jasmine maintained her grades. She scored A1 for both subjects AGAIN. Woot! – Jessie passed both of these subjects this CA2. She got a B4 for Science and C5 for Mathematics. To me, the race is not Read more about My 2 Js in Sengkang! Good CA2 results![…]

Woo hoo! Another testimony !!

I received this image via watsapp yesterday. I am so happy for this girl and there was a sense of achievement all over me. By the way, I only taught her Mathematics and Science. She did well in both.  🙂 She did well in her Home economics and English too. I believe its the positive attitude in Read more about Woo hoo! Another testimony !![…]

Some of my students…

I have asked some of my students to share with me a picture of themselves as i want to write something on them and also to build my students database. This shall be a database for me to monitor my tuition journey. Hopefully it will like a chest of success stories and photos to remember the characters’ faces. Read more about Some of my students…[…]