Primary 4 Mathematics ( Time, perpendicular & parallel lines ) problem sums

This week exercises are a little different. Its a combination of short questions and problem sums on 2 topics ( Time and perpendicular & parallel lines) End of year exams coming! Excited!

Daily exercises for my younger students (P4 Decimals Problem Sums)

Trying to develop a habit to wake up early to come up with daily exercises for my younger students. Felt prompted to do this after i come across . I heard about it sometime ago but didnt have the chance to go and explore.  Finally, find time to go check it out after talking to one parent. Its a interesting and Read more about Daily exercises for my younger students (P4 Decimals Problem Sums)[…]

MCQs on Sexual Reproduction in Human Beings

Attention all hannahtuition Science students, please attempt the following MCQs after you recieve my watsapp, sms, or any mobile message. 🙂 You may either write on piece of paper OR copy and paste these equations with your answers on the comment below. We will go through this in the next lesson. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  1. What is the purpose of Read more about MCQs on Sexual Reproduction in Human Beings[…]

Balancing chemical equations

The above chemical equation took me quite a while to balance. 🙂 Balancing of equations is crucial because it will affect the calculations of mole, mass of reactants and volume of gas which is another chapter altogether. Attention all hannahtuition Science students, please balance the following chemical equations after receiving my mobile msg.  You may either write on Read more about Balancing chemical equations[…]