P5 Science (Reproduction and Cycles)

I am very happy as most of my P5 students reported good results from their CA1. Yeah!!   We carried on with Cycles this week. Moving on to water cycles. Very happy as Alicia and Adam in my Mon class got almost all the reproductive organs spelling correct!      

P5 Science Cycles quiz ( Hereditary and Reproduction)

Put up this quiz for my P5 students this week. All except one girl failed this quiz. 🙁 That girl is a fast learner but she does not read her questions properly. I pray that her bad reading and answering habits will change.

P5 Maths ( Whole Numbers and some Fractions)

Hannahtuition mighty P5 students, I have uploaded this week’s worksheet as promised. We are slowly starting P5 fractions! I am happy that most of you are quite good in your whole numbers. Just remember to work backwards for some problem sums. 🙂