Happy National Day to all!

This entry got nothing to do with education nor my tuition resources. Chill, its a public holiday today!! 🙂 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today, 9th of August is Singapore National Day! 😀 I am thankful for several things although i do not agree with all of the policies put in place. 😉 I am thankful for A safe country where Read more about Happy National Day to all![…]

I thank God for kind parents and teachable students

Received this gift from one of my student’s mother. My favourite glutinous union peanuts rice!!! Yummy! I felt very touched and I thank God for nice ‘customers’. This is not the first time she gave food to me. she will ask the maid to make me milo when she knows I have not had dinner Read more about I thank God for kind parents and teachable students[…]

Breathe, eat, sleep computer games! Gosh!

Many of the children now ( especially boys) are sort-of glued to computer games. They can be still and spend hours in front of the PC. Some of my students told me they will set their alarm clock to wake them up early during their school holidays to play games. I’m impressed. Hehe. After speaking Read more about Breathe, eat, sleep computer games! Gosh![…]

Becoming your best

Yes, competition to a certain extent is healthy and actually i love to compete. Win or lose, i enjoyed the progress. Wow, is it true? Or is it because i win most of the time? I do not know until a few years back when things start to fall apart in my life. The conclusion Read more about Becoming your best[…]

Raising fluent communicators.

Although academic grades are important, they should not  be the sole “field” to sow our seeds in. Successful people are those who have confidence and self-belief to pursue  their dreams and determination to overcome harsh moments. When I am in NTU, I still remembered distinctly that it has always been the foreigners (especially the caucasians)  Read more about Raising fluent communicators.[…]

My first winter in my tuition journey

End Of Year (EOY) examinations are finally over! Whee…   It has been a tiring 2 months for me. I think i have accumulated close to 200 sessions in the past 2 months. Every student of mine was cramping last minute sessions. Haha.   I’m so thankful when the examinations ended. I celebrated by spending a relaxing week Read more about My first winter in my tuition journey[…]