Please contact Mrs Chew at 82888792 for all enquiries.

For Hannahtuition classes enquiries, you can contact Mrs Hannah Chew using the contact form below. However, it may take a few days for her to check her email. Hence, feel free to SMS Mrs Chew at 82888792 for all enquiries too.

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Do note that Mrs Hannah Chew is having lessons most of the time or busy with her baby. So kindly give her some time to respond. Thanks!

Mrs Chew had compiled a few common questions she received and stated her answers below. Hope they are useful.

Q: Do you teach English?
A: I do not teach English. I have someone to recommend ( Teacher Sarah) but her tuition centre is in the east. Kindly have a look at her centre’s webpage and I hope you can get into her classes which are always full. :)

Q: Is there any registration fees for hannahtuition?
A: No. However, there is an annual material fees of $15 as I will be printing worksheets and test papers for the students. On top of that, I may require students to get 1 to 2 books from Popular for general practice.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Yishun. ( just opposite MRT) 3 to 5 mins walking distance from Yishun MRT. My full address will only be made available to those attending hannahtuition classes. :)

Q: Can you travel to my place for tuition?
A: I am sorry that I do not travel to student’s place for tuition anymore. Students can come over to my place for individual tuition if I have any slot openings for individual tuition.
If you are staying in the east, check out My Mustard Seed in Tampines. This is the only tuition centre that I recommend. :)

Q: Do you teach Normal Tech, Normal academic students?
A: Yes. I believe all children can be nurtured. :)

Q: How many students are there in your classes?
A: I have classes of various sizes. Some classes I teach both subjects and I keep the class small at 2 or 3 students. One subject classes are bigger with 4 to 6 students.

Q: How do I put my name on the waiting list?
A: SMS me at 82888792 to put your name on waiting list. I will send SMS/whatsapp to parents on waiting list once I have a vacancy. :)


10 thoughts on “Please contact Mrs Chew at 82888792 for all enquiries.

  • Hi, would like to check whether you have any slot for psle science group tuition? What is the class size, schedule and fees?


    • Hi Mrs Lee, thanks for your interest. My psle classes are currently full. I take in max 4-5 students in one class. Each lesson is 2 hours.

      Kindly drop me a sms. I will keep your contact and inform you should i have any available slots. Thanks.

  • Hi Mrs Chew, i am looking for a tutor for my son who is in Sec 3 express this year. Subjects are: A Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

    Do let me know the rates & the availability.


    • Hi Celeste, thanks for your message. My individual slots are few and are currently full. My sec 3 group slots are full too currently. Kindly drop me a message at 82888792 so that I can save your number and put you on waiting list. I will contact when should I have any available slots. Thanks!

      Btw, my group class ( max 4-5 students per class). Thanks!

    • Hi Doreen, I do not have 2015 schedule out yet. Usually I will finalise and contact parents during november and dec for next year schedule. Kindly send an sms to 82888792 so that I can add u to my sms list for 2015. Thanks and have a great day.

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