Primary 4 Science Keywords ( Heat, Light, Matter)

Just finished marking some Science worksheets and realise some of my students are not able to get the Science question correct because of their ridiculous spelling of the keywords that marks will be awarded to.  🙁

Decided to draw up a spelling list for them.  Hee.


Parents of hannahtuition P4 Science

(* you should have receive a sms from me on this too *) ,

kindly let me to convey the following message to the children.

“It is not that difficult and yes, i expect 100% correct on all these keywords on our next lesson. 🙂 “


If you are overseas or for some reason you forgot to convey the spelling notification, no worries.

A hardcopy will be printed and given to them in the lesson.

Just that letting the children know before hand let them prepare for the lesson better and the learning process will be more effective. 🙂

Thanks for working with me.



P4 Science Keywords for SPELLING  (Heat, Light, Matter)

1)                Temperature

2)                Thermometer

3)                Friction

4)                Fuel

5)                Kerosene

6)                Steam turbine

7)                Expand

8)                Contract

9)                Degree Celsius

10)            Mercury

11)            Reflection

12)            Refraction

13)            Photosynthesis

14)            Travel in straight line

15)            Enable us to see

16)            Transparent

17)            Translucent

18)            Opaque

19)            Shadow

20)            Frosted glass

21)            Melting

22)            Freezing

23)            Evaporation

24)            Condensation

25)            Sublimation

26)            Carbon dioxide

27)            Iodine

28)            Naphthalene (mothball)

29)            Alcohol

30)            Beam balance

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