P4 Daily Mathematics Exercises (Decimals). Yes, Decimals again! :)

Realise several of my P4 students need more practice on Decimals.

I did some short questions this time.

Gold exercises are still problem sums. The questions are pretty similar to the previous gold exercises. I will repeat similar questions to ensure the students really know how to use certain concepts.

This time round i decided to give the answer so that the students will know if they got the questions correct. I realise this gives them more motivation to do the exercises.

I will still mark based on the workings. So no cheating! 😉


Re-blogged from previous entry. ;-)

These questions are written by me and are grouped them in 3 levels based on difficulty.

Easy – Bronze Level

Intermediate – Silver Level

Challenging – Gold Level

My style:

(1) Attempt one question from each level daily.

If you notice, there is only 5 questions in each level. Yes, i know there are seven days in a week. :)  Meaning there is no daily exercises from me on weekend. I believe in rest and good time management. There will be other homework from assessment books and also homework from school.

So, students can do other homework on weekends, catch up on their rest ( like we adults do) and have some outdoor activity. :)

(2) Similar questions will be repeated if the student get the question wrong at the first exercise.

This is to enforce their understanding and build a good foundation.


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