Mrs Hannah Chew on maternity leave and some of her students 2016 SA1 results

Hello all!

A big thank you to all parents who messaged me and send me gifts/hampers to congratulate me on the birth of my baby girl.

I am enjoying my maternity leave now ( Apart from all the night duties and sleeping few hours daily. Hee). I will be on maternity leave till end of sep where my baby girl will be 3 months old. I am glad that I am able to place many of my students with a maths specialist tutor friend who runs his own tuition centre. I hope they enjoy the lessons and score well for their end of year examinations. They should be at least be rejoicing that they can escape Mrs Chew “SA2 nagging/scolding season”. 🙂


Managed to catch up with some students before I go on maternity leave this year. I am very glad that some of them whom are not doing very well previously did well in 2016 SA1. Yay!

Below are some of the precious screenshots I try to keep to motivate me along this teaching journey. 🙂

Yes, I have received numerous enquiries on when I am resuming my lessons and if I still have available slots. I am sorry to inform that my slots are really pretty full now. I will be making some changes to the schedules for this year holiday program and 2017 tuition timings. I will be sending out sms messages to all parents on my waiting list regarding the holiday program and next year schedule by end october.


God bless and have a awesome week ahead!

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