Mrs Chew decides to concentrate on her priorities – 2 young ones and her tuition work

I want to thank all parents for engaging hannahtuition agency to help source for a home tutor. I am ,infact, overwhelmed by the numerous requests. Most of you know me or are referred to by parents who know me. Word of mouth is indeed the most powerful marketing tool. 😃

Because of the surge in requests, I hired some part time coordinators ( actually most of them were my ex-students who were waiting for university admission) after 2 months of setting up the agency. 

2 of the coordinators were really awesome. They even covered me fully when i went for my maternity leave last year. However, i believe the university workload and hostel activities is quite a big load to manage too. Eventually my 2 main amour bearers told me they will like to focus on their school work ( totally understandable) and unable to help me anymore. 

After some consideration and discussion with my husband, i decide to stop doing tutors referral for the time-being. 

My 2 children are really young and i hope to spend more time with them. 🙂

Also, i hope and pray that i am able to find responsible and motivated part-timers who are willing to be my amour bearers before i “re-start” hannahtuiton agency ( maybe 2 or 3 years later) 🤣 Its impossible to do this myself. The time taken to interview/test the tutors and speaking to the parents is “voluminous”. 

After doing tutor referrals for a few months, although the income is good, it does not bring me the joy that coaching brings. 

Lets us just follow our giftings. It will yield much fruits. 😇

PS: Will take down the “request a tutor” page next week. I still keep in contacts with some good home tutors. If you need some recommendations, do drop me an sms. Thanks! 

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