How to solve Sec 2 inversely proportional Maths question

Hi, I finally uploaded an youtube video to show how to solve Sec 2 inversely proportional Maths question. Usually, the k constant is shown so it is relatively easy to calculate the change in one variable when the other variable change. However, there are some questions where the k constant is not made known. Some of my Sec 2 students find it challenging to solve these kind of inversely proportional questions.


Today, finally managed to find some time to do an video on this.

For my existing Sec 2 to Sec 4 students, kindly spend 2 minutes to watch this youtube clip after you receive the link to this blog post via sms/watsapp. You will be given similar questions to solve in class next week. 🙂


That’s all, folks!

Have a blessed week ahead.




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