Hannahtuition Secondary Students Results! 100% passes! 73% Distinctions! 15% Bs and 12% Cs!


I have completed about 120 lessons in the last 2 weeks of Sep and first week of Oct for my secondary students!

It is So tiring! But i declare that its all worth it as I stare at my harvest now. 😀

I had received all my secondary students’ results from sms and whatsapp over the past week and tabulated the results as follows;

Although I am happy for Hannahtuition’s secondary students 100% passes on Maths and Science,

I am quite shocked at some of my students’ Maths results. Some of them whom i thought can easily secure a A1 end up with a B3 instead. 🙁

Although it didn’t hit my target of 80% distinctions, I have done my best and will continue to do so.  I believe I will have a bigger harvest next year!

* PS: My Hannahtuition secondary students, kindly drop me a note if you think i reflected the results wrongly. 🙂

Enjoy your holidays!!

As spoken, our lessons start second week of November! Dont’t miss me too much and See you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hannahtuition Secondary Students Results! 100% passes! 73% Distinctions! 15% Bs and 12% Cs!

  • I received a message from one of my sec 1 boy’s parent on the day I left for my Europe trip. Not good news. One of my sec 1 boy did not tell his parents his maths grade and the parents finally managed to know the maths and science results during the meet-the-parents session. My sec 1 boy failed his maths by 2 marks. 🙁

    I was pretty upset as I gave additional lessons as requested by his parents.

    Anyway, I decided to look forward. My next year target of 100% passes. 80% distinctions.
    Life is not all smooth-sailing but with perservance, comes character and character, hope.

    Let us not forget failures are launching pads to greater success!

    Kudos to myself and all my students! 🙂

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