Hannahtuition lessons to be cancelled if 24-hr PSI reading is above 300

Hi all Parents/ Students of Hannahtuition,

Kindly note that Hannahtuition lessons will be cancelled if 24-hr PSI reading is above 300.

I will send a confirmation SMS/ whatsapp to parents and students on the day before the lesson. Should the 3-hr PSI reading improve much on the actual day and students feel well enough to come over, kindly drop me an SMS at least an hour before lesson time. Students are welcome to head over to my place for tuition if I am at home.

As usual, students will be having their lessons in an air-conditioned room. I will switch on my hospital grade air purifier too. 🙂


If your child is unable to come for tuition during this haze period, kindly let me know and I will arrange for make-up lessons with them or refund the lesson fees. 🙂


Take care. Drink more water and take more fruits during this period.

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