Good results from some of my students…SA1 2013

By the way, there are several good news from my students for 2013 SA1 but I have been too busy to update on this blog.

Sherin N – Mayflower Sec (Sec 1) – Maths (A1), Science (A1)
Jouden T – Sengkang Sec (Sec 1) – Maths (A2), Science (A2)
Jessie L – Sengkang Sec (Sec 3) – Amaths (Great Improvement from CA grade)
Isabel N – Yishun Town Sec (Sec 1) – Maths (B3) (Improvement from C5 CA grade) 🙂
Jessie W – Orchid Park Sec (Sec 4) – Amaths (B4) (Great improvement from last year failed grade)

I am sorry if I miss out anyone with good result or improved grade to share!
I have been very busy with lesson plans, creating worksheets and marking them. 🙂

Lets work hard for the coming SA2!!! 🙂

think positive

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