Good results from CA2 2013! :-) :-)

I am very happy to see that many of my students showed improvement in CA2. Woohoo!
Got to know some of my students results in week and hence decided to write this entry.

Jasmine T -Sec 3 ( SengKang Sec) – She is from Normal Academic in sec 2. She did so well that she went into the first express sec 3 class this year. However, this year has been a tough year for her. I believe she had adjusted to the express stream and finally, she passed her A-maths and physics test this CA! She also scored an A2 for her E-maths! Kudos!

Jessie L – Sec 3 (Sengkang Sec) – A2 for E-maths and A1 for Chemistry

Zoey K – Sec 1 ( Riverside Sec)- A1 for Maths ( Highest in her class)

Ophelia L -Sec 1 ( Riverside Sec)- A2 for Maths , A1 for Science

Shuan Lik – Sec 3 ( Yishun Town Sec) – A1 for A-maths

Arifah – Sec 3 (Riverside Sec) – A1 for A-maths, Physics and Chemistry (Good job!)

Olivia T – Sec 1 (CHIJ Toa Payoh) – A1 for Maths

Isabel T – Sec 1 (Yishun Town Sec) – A1 for her Sci. ( Improvement from her failed grade in CA1 and SA1. YEAH! Keep it up!)

Rachel K – P4 (Woodgrove Pri) – 76 for Maths ( A great improvement from her 56 score in SA1)

Geraldine S – P3 ( Ngee Ann Pri) – 85 for Science ( 3rd in class), 2nd highest in class for Maths ( I forgot her exact grade)

L Peixian – P5 ( Wellington Pri) – 67 for Science ( A great improvement from a failed grade in CA1 and SA1). She joined the class in Aug.

Adam W – P5 (Jiemin Pri) – 100% for his Science ( Full marks again! Woot!)

Lavonne B – P5 (Chongfu Pri) – 61 for Maths ( Only 13 people passed in her class)

Joel S – P6 ( Woodgrove Pri) – 81 for PSLE Maths Prelim, 70 for PSLE Science Prelims (Keep it up!)

I believe and await for more good results! Yeah!

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