Good results 2014

This year has been a busy and special year for me. This is because I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with my first child. 🙂

The first trimester came as a shock to me as I suffered quite bad morning sickness. I was dizzy and tired most of the time, on top of the constant puking. Gosh.

As a result, I cancelled a lot of classes, especially my primary classes. I thank God for understanding students and their parents. 🙂 Thank God as I progress into second trimester, everything came back to normal. However, I realise I do not have time to update and maintain this blog until few weeks ago.

Today, I decided to share some good news that I received this year and some very nice encouraging messages from parents. ( Some even came from parents whom I have already cancelled their child’s lessons).

I am also very happy that most of my PSLE and O and N levels students improved in their science and maths!! Whee!

Looking forward to more good news to come!


Jamantha started tuition with me since last Dec. She was only scoring scoring 20s to 30s for her combined Science since Sec 1. I am so happy for her that she got a B3 this time! Our efforts have paid off! 🙂


This girl is very motivated and will send me questions when she do not know how to start solving them. My stance is I do not give full solutions but give hints to the students to solve the problems. I believe this will train them on their thinking process. 🙂


YC joined my sec 2 class this year. She was scoring around 50s to 60s for both Maths and Science and I am glad she is scoring distinctions consistently for these subjects now. I hope to build up her confidence in attempting more challenging questions. 🙂


I am glad when I received messages from my ex-students and their parents. These messages never fails to brighten up my days. 🙂

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