Finding home tutors for parents

This post, I am going to write about my journey past few months finding home tutors for parents.

It has been a roller-coaster ride actually. I met a lot of good parents. Really thank God for favour. But I also met very rude ones. Some will not reply your messages, even I ask for confirmation and left me thinking if I should continue to contact and confirm with the tutors. However, I saw God’s fingerprints in this journey.

There is one particular case where I receive sms messages from a random tutor asking me if I am helping a certain parent source for tuition assignments. This random tutor saw the assignment profile from the assignments forum and made an inference that it might be the same parent. This tutor do not need me to confirm with her if its the same parent but just warn me that this parent is quite unreasonable and will drag tuition fees for 1 to 2 months. When she asked her for payment, she got scolded by her instead. Oh mine. When I heard that, my heart sank because I am a full-time tutor myself. I told myself to be neutral at first. However, this mum start to show her show colours by scolding me that I am irritating her when I ask her for acknowledgement to pay the agency fees by a certain timeline. She did not reply as usual but her watsapp status showed her online most of the time. I wonder how hard is it to reply an OK. 🙁

I really no peace assigning tutors to her even I can earn $300-$500 referral fees and I have already did all the ground work. I helped her interviewed and tested the tutors already. I decided to inform the tutors that the assignment is off. I told her some excuses that I am not able to serve her anymore and request that she can seek help from other tuition agencies. And I felt so at peace and happy after that. Yay! The holy spirit convicts that it is a right decision even it mean I have to ‘lose’ a couple of hundred dollars.


I told my husband this ‘ordeal’. Haha. And gave me a pat on the back and said ” Money has no hold over you. ” I thought about this statement and I pray its true and I will reflect it in my daily work. 🙂

In conclusion, if you are asking me to find home tutors for you. Rest assured I will do my best. I do not just do matching of tutors’ schedule and parents’ budget. But please be nice. Its ok that you have found tutors already, please let me know so that I do not waste my time too. 🙂

I thank God my bulk of my income still comes comfortably from my tuition work and this tuition agency journey makes me realise how much I enjoy teaching. 🙂



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