Cutting down on tuition work, doing more referrals because I am pregnant with my second champion baby! :)

Past few months have been tiring for me. I realised I am pregnant end of last year and cut down more tuition classes. However, the enquiries kept coming in and I end up doing a lot of referral business. Haha.


This is not my intention initially as I only know a few tutors ( 2 of them are my ex-students) in my region and most of them are already busy with their tuition assignments or they are busy with their school work. One day, I managed to help one parent interview a prospective tutor whom I randomly saw on the internet. The parents were happy that I meet the tutor for a short chat. I was very impressed with his academic results that he posted online. So i just randomly messaged him if he could meet up for a short chat since the location he posted online is near mine. I shared that I am a full-time tutor and may have some assignments for him. He agreed readily. 🙂


I verified his certificates and also ask him to solve a few challenging Sec 1 Maths and Science questions. He did well and able to articulate his methodology to me. He passed my “interview” and I referred him to the child whom I am not able to coach. The parents were thankful that I took time to meet and ‘interview’ this tutor and jokingly suggest that I should charge some fees like tuition agencies.


TINK!! * An idea drop onto my lap!*


After discussing with my hubby, I decided to try doing tutor referrals for those students I turn away and if they are keen for individual tuition. And I am going to charge the same fees like tuition agencies. Meaning the tutor will have to give half of 1st month tuition fees to me.

Fast forward few weeks later, I did several referrals and I am enjoying it. Not that I  no longer enjoy tuition work. I still enjoy giving tuition and being around with the youth. However, this referral tutors avenue is indeed less taxing on me physically now. 🙂 This new venture also help to supplement some of the income lost by cutting down tuition classes during this period.


Want to blog about this new venture and see where will it goes in future.

Also, I hope this post open more doors and awareness.

Parents :

Contact me at 82888792 should they need me to help/source any home tutors for them.

The key difference between me and other tuition agencies is that I am a tutor myself and I am able to ask very specific questions on the curriculum. And the methodology they use to solve questions. I can guarantee at least if the tutor is not familiar with the curriculum, they will be sieved out quite immediately.



Contact me if you are keen to join my database of recommended tutors.

I am able to do tutor coaching too if you need resources or advice on managing children. ( There will be a consultation fee though) 🙂


Thank you all for reading!

God bless this new venture!



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