Cells ( Lower Secondary Science)

Science topics in lower secondary are taught in different sequence in different secondary schools. Hence, most parents do not prefer to send their children to tuition centres where the tutor covers totally different topics from what the child is learning in school. Some of the tuition centres do not even have classes for lower secondary Science.

As my class size is kept small to 4/5 students, I am able to give them different worksheets and prepare lessons to coach them individually. However,  sometimes, students get to learn other topics if I decided to compile the common mistakes that they make in particular topics all in one worksheet and go through together as a class. I have receive some enquiries from some parents on how I conduct my Science lesson so I thought I can briefly share my teaching plans here for clarification. 🙂


By the way, here is the cells worksheet for Ophelia and Chu Ning who is doing cells now in Sec 2. 🙂

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