Interesting Sound Video

Sound is a topic in lower secondary science and in upper secondary physics. Came across one video on sound on facebook and thought that its pretty cool. Decided to share it here with my students.   Click on the SOUND link to watch. Sound   Exercise your brain a bit now. Try to answer the Read more about Interesting Sound Video[…]

Algebra Sec 1 Simplify, Factorise, Solve

Hey! To my Tues Sec 1 Maths students, here is the algebra worksheet homework. Please complete and hand in next lesson. You may print out the worksheet or just write the questions in your exercise book. Do not forget to complete them. Failure to do so will face ‘punishment’ next lesson. Hee.

Mass and Weight

For my lower secondary science students, I found 2 cute clips that shows the differences on mass and weight.   After watching these 2 videos, I need you to do something for me. Do not worry. I will not ask you to sing. 🙂 I need you list down 4 differences between mass and weight. I Read more about Mass and Weight[…]

Amaths Modulus Function Graphs

Ophelia, Wanchi, Olivia, Zoey I understand you are doing this topic in school now. Please complete the following 3 questions and hand up to me next lesson.   **Please remember to find and state the x, y -intercepts and turning points for the sketching of graphs ALWAYS!! 😉