Common Olevels Chemistry questions

I decided to write about a few common olevels chemistry questions that I want my students to take note. Please note that I am explaining the key concepts in this post. Not just providing the answer keys. 🙂 Why does aluminium oxide has a higher melting point than sodium chloride? This is because Mg2+ and Read more about Common Olevels Chemistry questions[…]

Proving Amaths Trigo identities with tips VIDEO

I want to share some videos on proving Amaths trigo identities. One of my students asked me to help him solve 3 trigonometry identities questions during one of our maths class recently. I realised they are quite good questions to share some tips with the rest. Also, i had more free time in the mornings Read more about Proving Amaths Trigo identities with tips VIDEO[…]

Answering techniques for Science questions

I want to talk about answering techniques for Science questions in this post. This year, I got several students who are hardworking and know their concepts well. One will expect them to score A but they only managed a B or C in the recent weighted assessments. Why? Because concept is not king. 🙂  I Read more about Answering techniques for Science questions[…]

Finding ratio of areas (Emaths Vectors, Similar figures questions)

This post is about finding ratio of areas for 2 figures. These types of questions often comes out in Emaths Vectors, Similar figures questions like this question shown.                           Picture source: singaporeolevelmaths   Follow these 3 rules to solve these types of questions. Read more about Finding ratio of areas (Emaths Vectors, Similar figures questions)[…]

Sec 3 Physics formulaes Or keypoints sharing page

I decided to create this Sec 3 Physics formulaes Or keypoints sharing page on a few topics below for two of students who cant remember formulaes or keypoints discussed repeatedly. They do not have problem understanding the concepts during the lessons when the concepts are explained to them. However, the next time they come for lessons, Read more about Sec 3 Physics formulaes Or keypoints sharing page[…]

How my secondary science tuition lessons look like

How my secondary science tuition lessons look like. This week, i started taking pictures of our science discussion and some activities students did on my white board. I forwarded some of the pics to some students and i decided to share the pics here. I thought these pics look like some pieces of art. 🙂

Pure Chemistry Electrolysis Short Quiz

Hey Sec 4 pure chemistry troopers, this electrolysis quiz tests on concepts not answering techniques. Try to answer these short questions in 30 mins. Go! When ions are discharged at the electrodes, they form _______ or _____________. Give two examples of strong electrolytes, weak electrolytes and non-electrolytes. Oxidation takes place at anode/cathode? Anode is connected Read more about Pure Chemistry Electrolysis Short Quiz[…]

Normal Technical Sec 3 Science Worksheet Energy

Over the years, i took in NT students. But sadly, i couldnt find any resources for them to practice. So sad. So over the years, i come up with questions for them. I decided to continue to do more resources for these group of students. Maybe one day, i can published my own NT science Read more about Normal Technical Sec 3 Science Worksheet Energy[…]

Upper Sec Chemistry Periodic Table Basics

Hi Nisherl, Gaston, Joshua, Justin, Alden and Chloe(Toh), please have a read. Do prepare for the questions. You will be required to answer these questions next lesson. Thanks.   Periodic Table –Basics (Group 1 metals)   How are elements arranged in the periodic table? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What does group number and period number means? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Read more about Upper Sec Chemistry Periodic Table Basics[…]

Amaths Exams preparations

For Amaths exams preparation this year, i came up with some common questions worksheets for each topic and will be going through the techniques/steps on how to solve them. It has been some time since I work on developing resources and worksheets. As i mention in the previous post, I have been focusing on school Read more about Amaths Exams preparations[…]