Amaths Exams preparations

For Amaths exams preparation this year, i came up with some common questions worksheets for each topic and will be going through the techniques/steps on how to solve them. It has been some time since I work on developing resources and worksheets. As i mention in the previous post, I have been focusing on school Read more about Amaths Exams preparations[…]

Some Chemistry and Physics questions for my combined science students

Hey Hannahtuition Combined Sci students, I will post more of such short questions on my webpage more often from now on. 🙂 Please key in the answers in the comments below. Thanks. Physics: What is the difference between speed and velocity? What is the difference between EMF and potential difference? What is the difference between Read more about Some Chemistry and Physics questions for my combined science students[…]

Magnetism and Elestromagnetism

Important notes and tips i want my sec 4 physics students to remember on this topic. Yes, you read it correctly. REMEMBER the following points! 🙂 A freely suspending magnet comes to rest with its N pole pointing North. Solenoid is a long coil of insulated wire. One way of demagnetism is to insert a Read more about Magnetism and Elestromagnetism[…]

Chemistry Qualitative Analysis. Cation Test

Some notes on Cation testing. 🙂 Some students have problem remember these coloured precipitates so i came up with some funny statements for students to remember these chemistry facts easier. 🙂 🙂 There are 3 coloured precipitates you have to know. Cu²+,Fe²+,Fe³+.  I have come up with a funny statement below to remember the colours Read more about Chemistry Qualitative Analysis. Cation Test[…]

Chemistry – Acids and bases (How to determine strong and weak acids)

There are some common questions on determining weak and strong acids. Yet usually cant find this in textbooks. This is because this type of question spans across a few chapters. 🙂 Most students have no issues understanding that the strength of the acid is indicated by their pH values. But often they miss out that Read more about Chemistry – Acids and bases (How to determine strong and weak acids)[…]

How to solve Sec 2 inversely proportional Maths question

Hi, I finally uploaded an youtube video to show how to solve Sec 2 inversely proportional Maths question. Usually, the k constant is shown so it is relatively easy to calculate the change in one variable when the other variable change. However, there are some questions where the k constant is not made known. Some Read more about How to solve Sec 2 inversely proportional Maths question[…]

Proving Trigonometry identities

One of my Sec 4 girl send me these proving trigo identities questions few days ago. I am so sorry I have been very busy with tutors referrals and CNY preparation that I can only reply today. 🙂   Decided to post the solutions up on the blog since I have a little time this Read more about Proving Trigonometry identities[…]

Sec 2 Maths Direct and Inverse Proportion

I realise that many of my Sec 2 students find proportion question pretty easy except questions on the type of questions where by1 variable is changed and the question ask how will the other variable be affected. Hence, I am going to list down the 3 steps method taught during my lessons. Qns) Given that Read more about Sec 2 Maths Direct and Inverse Proportion[…]

Interesting Sound Video

Sound is a topic in lower secondary science and in upper secondary physics. Came across one video on sound on facebook and thought that its pretty cool. Decided to share it here with my students.   Click on the SOUND link to watch. Sound   Exercise your brain a bit now. Try to answer the Read more about Interesting Sound Video[…]

Algebra Sec 1 Simplify, Factorise, Solve

Hey! To my Tues Sec 1 Maths students, here is the algebra worksheet homework. Please complete and hand in next lesson. You may print out the worksheet or just write the questions in your exercise book. Do not forget to complete them. Failure to do so will face ‘punishment’ next lesson. Hee.