A recap of 2014 ( Students’ results, pregnancy and baby Ian)

Hi! Happy blessed 2015 to all! I have receive several (actually quite a lot of! )  messages via watsapp, sms and emails enquiring about my status as I have not been updating this blog for some time. I am so sorry for the delay in updates. It has been a very busy 3 months for me. Read more about A recap of 2014 ( Students’ results, pregnancy and baby Ian)[…]

Good results 2014

This year has been a busy and special year for me. This is because I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with my first child. 🙂 The first trimester came as a shock to me as I suffered quite bad morning sickness. I was dizzy and tired most of the time, on top of the constant Read more about Good results 2014[…]

2014 O levels Results

Last year, I only have 5 Sec 4 students taking O levels. [Yes! Only 5! Hehe. I do not run a tuition centre ( as of now). I am happily giving tuition on my own conducting 1to1 and small group tuitions at my place. 🙂 ] I believe 4 out of 5 did well. One Read more about 2014 O levels Results[…]

2013 SA2 Good Results

This year, I realized I took a long time to write this post on students SA2 results. I have been so busy with holiday tuition program, catching up with family and friends. I really thank God for my students’ good results or any improvement. As usual, I am sorry that I can not share all of Read more about 2013 SA2 Good Results[…]

Good results from CA2 2013! :-) :-)

I am very happy to see that many of my students showed improvement in CA2. Woohoo! Got to know some of my students results in week and hence decided to write this entry. Jasmine T -Sec 3 ( SengKang Sec) – She is from Normal Academic in sec 2. She did so well that she Read more about Good results from CA2 2013! 🙂 🙂[…]

Good Results from my Sec 3 and Sec 4 girls….

Yoo hoo! I am extremely happy to receive these messages from these 2 upper sec girls… These two young ladies have low confidence in achieving good results for certain subjects. A pass will be good enough for them. I have seen them transformed into motivated students, willing to believe in themselves to ‘conquer’ their giant Read more about Good Results from my Sec 3 and Sec 4 girls….[…]

Good results from some of my students…SA1 2013

By the way, there are several good news from my students for 2013 SA1 but I have been too busy to update on this blog. Sherin N – Mayflower Sec (Sec 1) – Maths (A1), Science (A1) Jouden T – Sengkang Sec (Sec 1) – Maths (A2), Science (A2) Jessie L – Sengkang Sec (Sec Read more about Good results from some of my students…SA1 2013[…]

Harvest Time… 2013 SA1 results…

Wow.. It has been a while since i post an entry. I had been so busy with tuition, revision lessons before the mid year examinations. After that, I escaped to a beautiful nearby Malaysian island for a relaxing holiday with my husband. I apologises for any delayed responses to enquiries, sms and emails. I still have Read more about Harvest Time… 2013 SA1 results…[…]

My 2 Js did it again! Yeah!

I love all of my students. But there are some of them who pleases me more because of their positive attitude, their hardworking behaviour and kindness. Jasmine and Jessie are two special students whom i really enjoy teaching. They are bubbly ( definately not the quiet kind). But yet, when i point out their mistakes or bad behaviour, Read more about My 2 Js did it again! Yeah![…]

Good CA1 Results in 2013! :D

Sharing more 2013 awesome CA1 results! I still several students who have not gotten back their results. Excited!   CHIJ Toa Payoh  – Sec 1 – Olivia T (Bio – 14/15, Chem – 9.5/15) –> 78% A1 Mayflower Sec – Sec 1 – Sherin N ( Science – 42/50) –> 84% A1 Riverside Sec – Sec Read more about Good CA1 Results in 2013! 😀[…]