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Some Chemistry and Physics questions for my combined science students

Hey Hannahtuition Combined Sci students, I will post more of such short questions on my webpage more often from now on. Please key in the answers in the comments below. Thanks. Physics: What is the difference between speed and velocity? What is the difference between EMF and potential difference? What is the difference between resultant[…]


2017 SA1 results

For the past week, I am quite upset over my students’ results. I was even wondering should i write this post. Oh well, life always has its ups and downs and there is always something to learn from the failures. I always tell my students that failures are launching pads to greater success. But when[…]


How to prevent careless mistakes in maths exams

I took almost half a year break last year as my daughter is born late june. This year, i had several new sec 3 and sec 4 students when i restart my classes.  Careless mistakes – my most hated bug in the classroom. I realise several students i have this year tend to make a[…]


Magnetism and Elestromagnetism

Important notes and tips i want my sec 4 physics students to remember on this topic. Yes, you read it correctly. REMEMBER the following points! A freely suspending magnet comes to rest with its N pole pointing North. Solenoid is a long coil of insulated wire. One way of demagnetism is to insert a magnet[…]


Chemistry Qualitative Analysis. Cation Test

Some notes on Cation testing. Some students have problem remember these coloured precipitates so i came up with some funny statements for students to remember these chemistry facts easier. There are 3 coloured precipitates you have to know. Cu²+,Fe²+,Fe³+.  I have come up with a funny statement below to remember the colours associated with the[…]


Chemistry – Acids and bases (How to determine strong and weak acids)

There are some common questions on determining weak and strong acids. Yet usually cant find this in textbooks. This is because this type of question spans across a few chapters. Most students have no issues understanding that the strength of the acid is indicated by their pH values. But often they miss out that actually[…]


Mrs Chew decides to concentrate on her priorities – 2 young ones and her tuition work

I want to thank all parents for engaging hannahtuition agency to help source for a home tutor. I am ,infact, overwhelmed by the numerous requests. Most of you know me or are referred to by parents who know me. Word of mouth is indeed the most powerful marketing tool. 😃 Because of the surge in[…]


What is Mrs Chew busy with lately

Second half of 2016 had been a very busy period for me. I gave birth to my lovely girl in june and took 3 months of maternity leave. I managed to find replacement teacher for most of my students. Some of them prefered to wait for me to resume lessons in oct. Hence for the[…]