Mrs Hannah Chew on maternity leave and some of her students 2016 SA1 results

Hello all! A big thank you to all parents who messaged me and send me gifts/hampers to congratulate me on the birth of my baby girl. I am enjoying my maternity leave now ( Apart from all the night duties and sleeping few hours daily. Hee). I will be on maternity leave till end of Read more about Mrs Hannah Chew on maternity leave and some of her students 2016 SA1 results[…]

Finding home tutors for parents

This post, I am going to write about my journey past few months finding home tutors for parents. It has been a roller-coaster ride actually. I met a lot of good parents. Really thank God for favour. But I also met very rude ones. Some will not reply your messages, even I ask for confirmation and left Read more about Finding home tutors for parents[…]

How to solve Sec 2 inversely proportional Maths question

Hi, I finally uploaded an youtube video to show how to solve Sec 2 inversely proportional Maths question. Usually, the k constant is shown so it is relatively easy to calculate the change in one variable when the other variable change. However, there are some questions where the k constant is not made known. Some Read more about How to solve Sec 2 inversely proportional Maths question[…]

Looking for MOE school teachers

In this post, I will like to share my thoughts on looking for MOE school teachers as tuition teachers. As I receive more requests to find home tutors, I realise most of the parents are looking for MOE teachers or full-time tutors. I personally agree that these two groups of tutors will be the most experienced Read more about Looking for MOE school teachers[…]

Finding good home tutors

In this post, I will like to share how to find a good tutor. I hope the following details will be useful. 🙂   I want to say a Big thank you to all parents who called me to assist them to find good home tutors for their children. The response was out of my expectations. I Read more about Finding good home tutors[…]

Proving Trigonometry identities

One of my Sec 4 girl send me these proving trigo identities questions few days ago. I am so sorry I have been very busy with tutors referrals and CNY preparation that I can only reply today. 🙂   Decided to post the solutions up on the blog since I have a little time this Read more about Proving Trigonometry identities[…]

Sec 2 Maths Direct and Inverse Proportion

I realise that many of my Sec 2 students find proportion question pretty easy except questions on the type of questions where by1 variable is changed and the question ask how will the other variable be affected. Hence, I am going to list down the 3 steps method taught during my lessons. Qns) Given that Read more about Sec 2 Maths Direct and Inverse Proportion[…]

2015 Students Results

2015 is flying by, isn’t it? My son, Ian, is already a toddler by the time I write this post. This year started quite tough as my son was admitted to the hospital when he was 3 months old. It was a very trying period for me, as a first time mother. I thank God Read more about 2015 Students Results[…]

Interesting Sound Video

Sound is a topic in lower secondary science and in upper secondary physics. Came across one video on sound on facebook and thought that its pretty cool. Decided to share it here with my students.   Click on the SOUND link to watch. Sound   Exercise your brain a bit now. Try to answer the Read more about Interesting Sound Video[…]