Amaths Exams preparations

For Amaths exams preparation this year, i came up with some common questions worksheets for each topic and will be going through the techniques/steps on how to solve them. It has been some time since I work on developing resources and worksheets. As i mention in the previous post, I have been focusing on school exam papers, TYS for the past few years and it has yield good results for olevels preparation.

However, this year I took in several new students due to a half yr maternity break last year. And the normal drilling of TYS does not seem to work very well on them. 🙁

I was quite upset with their SA1 results and God lead us to build these common questions worksheets for them. I went through a few topics with the class and i can see my weaker students able to solve more questions. Yay!!!!


Here are some of the worksheets. **Feel free to give me feedback or comment**

Amaths indices surds log Steps Worksheet

Amaths indices surds log Steps pg 2 Worksheet
















































binomial pg1

binomial pg2
















































Past few months have been tiring but fulfilling. After SA1, i ask some of the weaker students to come back for intensive revision. I prayed about it and decided to give these extra lessons for free. Please DO NOT come and register your child thinking there is always free lessons. I have not done this before in my tuition journey but this year i really feel some of my new students need intensive revision for their coming olevels or sec 3 exams. And if I am going to ask them to pay for it, it will be 2 to 3 times their tuition fees.


These youth are so appreciative and I thank God I am able to sow seeds in them. Letting them know not everything in life is about gain for self. Most importantly, I am so thankful that i can see huge improvement in most of them after the june holidays intensive classes. Praise the Lord.

I pray that they will not be careless in their exams. Amen!

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