A recap of 2014 ( Students’ results, pregnancy and baby Ian)


Happy blessed 2015 to all!

I have receive several (actually quite a lot of! )  messages via watsapp, sms and emails enquiring about my status as I have not been updating this blog for some time. I am so sorry for the delay in updates. It has been a very busy 3 months for me. Busy take on a whole new meaning after I become a mother. I believe all parents will agree. Hehe.

And yes, I have started tuition 2 weeks ago. However, I could only continue those classes for students who move up with me from 2014. Decided to keep to minimum classes to have more time for my baby boy.

For those parents who are curious about my students’ results in 2014, I have taken some time to summarize the results below 🙂

  • Lets start with my PSLE groups. Last year, most of my PSLE students come from neighbourhood schools. A handful of them ( 7 students)  came for tuition with F grades, scoring around the 30 to 40s in P5. Out of these 7 students, all of them make it to express stream except 2. Only 2 of them got a C in Maths. The rest achieved a B which makes me extremely proud. All 7 except 1 of them achieved a B in Science.

I have another 8 PSLE students who scored either 2 Bs, 2As or 1 A and 1B for their Maths and Science.

  • I have a P4 girl, whom I coach individually for Science, scoring 92 for her SA2.
  • I have 4 N levels students. 3 of them scored less than 10 in their N levels and make it to the direct polytechnic admission. Woohoo!
  • I have 4 Sec 2 students and all 4 of them scored distinctions for both their Maths and Science. All went into pure science classes in their respective schools. Awesome!!!
  • I have 4 O levels students. 3 scored distinctions in their Emaths and Chemistry. 2 scored distinctions for their Amaths.
  • All students in my Sec 1 Maths class improve in their grades. Several of them scored distinctions and the whole class of 6 move up with me to Sec 2. 😉


Below are some screenshots that never fails to motivate me to carry on in this role that requires me to work on public holidays, have late dinners, having no fixed pay with no CPF contributions and medical benefits. 🙂


2015-01-16 19.48.14

I am both Ms Ang and Mrs Chew. I have been coaching some of my students before I got married. Hence some of them still address me as Ms Ang. 🙂

2015-01-16 21.00.48This kind of random message from people who find my materials useful really brighten up my day. 🙂

2015-01-16 20.59.08


2015-01-16 19.54.04


2015-01-16 19.52.39


2015-01-16 19.51.51


2015-01-16 23.02.03


2015-01-16 19.48.47



Some parents also send me messages to ask me about my pregnancy and delivery experience. I am really thankful for the concern and the gifts/hampers I received from some of you folks.

2014 has been a very exciting year for me. Besides being busy with tuition work as usual, I found out I was pregnant in Feb. I was then hit with morning sickness quite badly that I have to cancel a few classes. After the 15th week of gestation, morning sickness magically disappear and I have a fantastic pregnancy time. My delivery was also smooth. I was only in bearable pain for like 2 hours and was sleeping rest of the labour due to ‘happy-dural’.  :-)After 12 pushes in less than half an hour after Im fully dilated, baby Ian is born with a good weight of 3.67kg. Praise the Lord!

He is turning 3 month old tomorrow as I type this post. I am taking things very slow this year, having only a few tuition slots. I decided to enjoy my time with him and grow him grow. Being a mum has change me in ways more than I can imagine. I always thought I will be a full time working mum, especially I love teaching so much.

I am sorry if I do not have the time and opportunity to coach your child this year because of the limited classes I have. I wish that your child will meet a good tuition teacher that will mentor and motivate him/her tremendously.

Here are some pictures of my darling son – Ian. ( ‘Gift of God’)

Day 1

Day 1


2 mth old

2 mth old

3 mth old

3 mth old


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