3Oct2015 (Saturday) lessons are cancelled & Mrs Hannah Chew “love note” to her students

Hi parents/students of Hannahtuition Sat classes,

This post is a reminder to remind all that 3Oct classes are cancelled. I have an important family event to attend and hence I have to cancel 3Oct lessons. I am sorry that I have to cancel this Saturday’s lessons as I understand it is near to the examinations.   I am sure by now most of you know I do not cancel my lessons often and I am also agreeable to have extra lessons on public holidays if students request for it.

Kindly note that students can arrange a make-up lesson with me should they feel that they need additional help before their exams. 🙂

Do note that there will be a 3-weeks break after their examinations for hannahtuition. Yay!


I believe most of my students have collected the following note ( with my “OREO” appreciation) by now. If any student forgot to collect their Oreo and is starting their 3 weeks break, please read on to find out what Mrs Chew’s “love note” is about. 🙂

” Hey Hannahtuition Gems,

Thank you for tolerating your ‘beloved’ Mrs Chew for yet another year. If Mrs Chew has scolded you, she is not sorry. Please reflect why you were scolded instead. (Keke. Just kidding) I sincerely want to let you know that Mrs Chew is not perfect like everyone else and hence forgive her if she had made you feel bad with her words before. She does not mean it.

I may or may not be coaching you next year depending on our schedules. I will discuss the boring schedule details with your parents in Nov/Dec should you be interested in continuing tuition with hannahtuition next year. ( Yes, that means you have to come back for some lessons during the holidays). 🙂

I will be praying for all of you in the coming EOY examinations.

Please sms/whatsapp me your EOY result when you have them.

Thanks and enjoy the Oero.”


Mrs Hannah Chew




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