2018 Reflections – Students’ results, my motherhood journey

This year end post is on my 2018 reflections. I will be sharing my students’ results (which keep me going. And these testimonies also helps in advertising how awesome my tuition is. Haha.) and my motherhood journey.

This year, I thank God i have academically stronger students than last year. This makes my job easier. Compared to last year, I do not have students coming in with 10-20s and they are sitting for Olevels at the end of the year. Although academically, i have it easier, this year I met a few students that have very low confidence of themselves and sort off give up the hope of getting a better grade or even passing. 🙁

I have a teenager who will cut herself to relieve stress. Really upsetting to see the marks on her arm. I have another girl who will vomit whenever she attends tuition (not only my tuition according to the mum). She got so bad that she even had to stop school for 2 weeks before her PSLE prelims. Thankfully, she passed all her subjects for PSLE and she able to able to express stream that she always wanted to.

Below are some of the screen shots of more good news. 🙂

Besides playing a role of a tutor/mentor/business-owner, I am a mother to 2 lovely children. My 2018 motherhood journey started on a rough patch in the beginning of this year as my girl starts PG and my son change his preschool. There are many changes in our daily routines plus my son showed severe signs of school refusal with many sleepless nights, crying, and even runny stools. 🙁

Thank God His restoration is greater. He is now a happy boy who loves school and learning. My days are filled with laughter from the 2 kiddos after they are back from school in the afternoon. Thank you Lord.

Now, my challenge on hand now is that my 2 toddlers are growing to into happy preschoolers and when they get too excited playing with each other, the noise level gets high. When they fight, my 2 year old girl usually wails to ‘win’. So smart right? Hence, I have to deal with finding solutions to occupy and place them so that the sound waves do not travel to my tuition room. Thankfully, my 2 solid wood doors block out most noise and my helper is able to do the activities I have draft for them. Mr TV is only used in drastic situations in my house and i do not have an Ipad. 🙂 I am a low-tech mum as I believe the first 6 years of a child is important. Plus, I have seen too many cases of TV or computer games addiction in children and teenagers. Sadly, some carried these addictions to adulthood too. If you give your children a lot of TV and iPad, please dont get angry reading this or feel guilty, we all are different mums trying our try to parent our little ones. Also, before you pity my kiddos, my 4 year old do play handphone games on car rides if I do not need the GPS. So he knows how to use a smart phone in case you are wondering. Haha

In all, i thank God for a fruitful year. And i see blessings overflowing to next year. My slots for 2019 are almost full. Currently, hannahtuition is only left with 4 slots for 2019. Yay!

I am looking forward to another year of His goodness. Despite some worrying news that i received lately, I declare and believe next year is going to be a year of abundant rain. Rain of blessings/good health into our lives! Personally, for hannahtuition and hannahhomeschool, i pray that there is abundance of creative ideas to teach, to create and to impact. In Jesus’s name. Amen. 🙂

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