2017 Common tests results! Yay! Huge Improvement seen in most students!

I have not posted common tests results post for a few years. But this time, I happily did it because some of my students who did badly in their mid year exams, manage to excel in their recent common tests. Yay! I am so glad. I understand it is not easy for students to ‘get over’ their self doubt, manage revision on previous chapters plus focus on new topics in the second half of the year. So I am very proud of them.

Plus, they are so appreciative of me giving them additional free lessons during the june holidays, that they faithfully complete every homework I gave them.


These 4 students ‘broke’ my heart with their mid year exams results.

Now, all distinctions! Yay! Looking forward to end of year examinations!

IMG_20170807_165008 IMG_20170811_164054 IMG_20170811_164126 IMG_20170811_164212





















This boy didnt do as well in the other test due to careless mistakes. I am praying for wisdom to help students who lose a lot of marks due to careless mistakes in their papers.

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