2015 Students Results

2015 is flying by, isn’t it?

My son, Ian, is already a toddler by the time I write this post. This year started quite tough as my son was admitted to the hospital when he was 3 months old. It was a very trying period for me, as a first time mother. I thank God for many of my students’ parents who are so accommodating to schedule changes and cancellation of classes in the beginning of this year.

This year, I cut down on my number of classes and I am happy that I have time to play with Ian and put Ian to bed every night. I am enjoying my 3 weeks break now after students’ EOY exams. This year, I have planned for an early break as I do not have O/N levels students.

I have received a few sms or emails on updates of my students’ results this year. ( Even without parents’ enquiries, I do a post on my students’ results annually too. It has became a habit for me to reflect on this year’s work and do a “keepsake” post yearly to consolidate some precious messages left to me by my students/their parents. )

Here is the summary of my 2015 Students’ results;

Sec 3 Amaths class ( 3 out of 4 students obtained distinctions)

Sec 3 Chem class ( All 3 students obtained distinctions)

Sec 1 Maths class ( 4 out of 6 students obtained distinctions. The two 2 students got B3 and C5)

Sec 2 Maths class A ( 3 out of 6 students obtained distinctions. The other 2 students got B and 1 got C) The student that got a C really caught me by surprise. This is because he has been achieving distinction since CA1. Thank God overall, his grade is a B.

Sec 2 Maths class B ( All 4 students obtained distinctions)

Sec 2 Science class A ( All students in Class A came in failing science in Sec 1 or borderline passes. 3 out of 4 students obtained B3. 1 student got C5) I will say 2 grades improvement for all students in this class except 1 student. 🙁

Sec 2 Science class B ( 4 out of 5 students obtained distinctions. 1 student got B4)


This year, I still have a few individual tuition slots. Surprisely, the students did not fare as well as my students in group slots. :-/


Below are some of the precious messages from my students/their parents. ( I am not able to show all of the messages as some of them contains more personal conversations. Personally, I chose these messages due to some memories I want to keep. And do cut me some slack for my informal messaging language with my students. I am not an English teacher and I do not want to correct their sentence constructions on such a personal note.)


This year end, I experience something that I didn’t experience in many years of my teaching career. Some of my students who scored very well decided not to continue their lessons with me in hannahtuition for 2016. They wanted to have tuition on their weaker subjects instead which totally make sense. I am not ashamed to share this. I believe God will bring in other students or have other plans for me in 2016. 🙂



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