2014 O levels Results

Last year, I only have 5 Sec 4 students taking O levels. [Yes! Only 5! Hehe. I do not run a tuition centre ( as of now). I am happily giving tuition on my own conducting 1to1 and small group tuitions at my place. 🙂 ]

I believe 4 out of 5 did well. One of the student have not told me her Amaths results. Hence I believe she did not manage to achieve good results. But I do hope all is well with her and she can go to a course of her choice.

I am very happy with the rest of my students’ results. Hence, I am sharing my joy here.

I taught them Amaths and some of them Chemistry.


Jasmine C (Riverside Sec) – Amaths A1, Chemistry A1 ( She obtained five A1 and 3A2 ) Awesome! Hope she get into the JC she wants!

Jessie W (Orchard Park Sec) – Amaths B3. Im really happy for her because she failed her Amaths in Sec 3 and came for tuition. Consistent improvement seen from D7 to C5 and now B3! 😉

Daniel L (Yishun Sec) – Amaths A2

Brandon O (North Vista Sec) – Amaths A1


It has been my pleasure teaching all of you!

All the best!

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