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The Heart of HannahTuition Classes and Hannah Tuition Agency
How to Think

Children Should be taught How to Think Not What to Think

I like to challenge my students to think or relate to similar questions or logic when the students ask me to solve certain questions. I realise some children did not realise they give up easily when faced with some “seemingly difficult” problems.

Most of the time, I do not need to tell them the solution. Just prompt them a few questions and they can solve it themselves!! YEA!!

Involve the student

You cannot teach a child to swim when both of you are not in the water.
Both teacher and the students need to get into the pool.
A child learns best when they feel safe to explore, to ask questions and to fail.

Most of the children no longer “brand” Mathematics as a boring subject after they understand certain concepts and do well in the Maths exams.

Hannahtuition Classes goals

HannahTuition Classes aim to

  • MOTIVATE students
  • Show student LEARNING TECHNIQUES (make their lives easier)
  • HAVE FUN-filled learning activities
  • Teach VALUES, build CHARACTER

Hannah Tuition Agency

Hannah Tuition Agency aim to

  • Find suitable tutor for your child FAST
  • Sieve out tutors who are not strong academically by testing them with school questions
  • Build a large pool of accountable, passionate and qualified tutors.

"Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it.
-Proverbs 22:6

I am very passionate about teaching children!

Hannahtuition Agency is a fast growing tuition agency too!

I did not come from top schools but thank God, I managed a lean L1R4 score of 7 in my “O” levels and achieved straight distinctions for my “A” levels.

I represented my JC & participated in the Mathematical Olympaid. My highest "paper" is a Masters of Science (NTU)

I can be very firm at times as i feel the need to correct children and not only be their friend. I thank God and pray that God will bless me with the wisdom and place me at the right moment so that my words of correction carry weight to these precious young ones.

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Currently, all Hannahtuition Classes are full. ( Except sec 2 Maths class on Tues 5-7pm)
You can still leave me a message to put your child in my waiting list.
Alternatively, I can help you find a suitable home tutor for your child. Contact me for more details. :)

  • Firm in handling students


  • Knowledge in subjects


  • Rapport with students & parents


  • Love for children


Notice Board

SMS/Watsapp 82888792 to request a home tutor
Mrs Chew started doing tutors referrals in her spare time in 2016. She will help you to interview/test the tutors she source online or through people or online forum’s recommendation. This is to ensure the tutors are familiar with the syllabus and the different problem-solving methods taught in primary and secondary schools. :) I believe, as of now, I am the only tutor referral agency that will help test the tutors using real primary and secondary questions. I am able to assess the techniques they used too, as I am a tutor myself. :) I will take a portion of the tutor’s first month fee like the rest of the tuition agencies. No fee on the parent side at all. I thank you for all your support that Hannah tuition agency has grown and now I have a coordinator to help me. :)
I am cutting down several classes due to the arrival of my second champion baby! :) SMS/Watsapp 82888792 to request a home tutor Now! :)
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Mrs Chew and Cute Baby Ian
In case, you are wondering how Mrs Chew looks like ;-)
Mr Chew (the man behind this awesome site) feels that he is the most blessed guy in the world to have such a beautiful lady and cute baby in his life!

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