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How to Think

Children Should be taught How to Think Not What to Think

I like to challenge my students to think or relate to similar questions or logic when the students ask me to solve certain questions.

Most of the time, I do not need to tell them the solution. Just prompt them a few questions and they can solve it themselves!! YEA!!

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Involve the student

You cannot teach a child to swim when both of you are not in the water.
Both teacher and the students need to get into the pool.
A child learns best when they feel safe to explore, to ask questions and to fail.

Most of the children no longer “brand” Mathematics as a boring subject after they understand certain concepts and do well in the Maths exams.

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Hannahtuition Classes goals

HannahTuition Classes aim to

  • MOTIVATE students
  • Show student LEARNING TECHNIQUES (make their lives easier)
  • Teach VALUES, build CHARACTER

All slots for Yr2021 are full! Thank you all!

I did not come from top schools but thank God, I managed a lean L1R4 score of 7 in my “O” levels and achieved straight distinctions for my “A” levels.

I represented my JC & participated in the Mathematical Olympaid. My highest "paper" is a Masters of Science (NTU)

I can be quite firm at times as i feel the need to correct children and not only be their friend. I thank God and pray that God will bless me with the wisdom and place me at the right moment so that my words of correction carry weight to these precious young ones.

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2021 slots all filled

All Maths and Science slots for 2021 are now full. Thank you all.

You can still leave me a WA/SMS message to put your child in my waiting list or check with me if i can switch some students’ timeslots. :)
For tutor referral, I do still keep in contact with some of the teachers and tutors. Should you need a tutor recommendation, do drop me an sms/watsapp. Thanks!

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In case, you are wondering how Mrs Chew looks like ;-)
Mr Chew (the man behind this awesome site) feels that he is the most blessed guy in the world to have such a beautiful lady and 2 adorable children!

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Latest Testimonials : [Chris David on 31Oct2019] - Hi Ms Chew, thank so much for helping me improve in Add Math and Science (Chemistry) alot. I definitely improved alot from Sec 3 when you helped me understand the subject and simplified concepts for me. I still remember having very low confidence in Amaths and was even thinking of dropping the subject. Now, I am aiming for a distinction in Olevels. The few months with you for Science Chemistry was definitely helpful and I went from the LAST in class for Chemistry to being able to pass! Thanks so much for not giving up on my laziness and low-confidence :-)

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